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April 9
Catch 9.16 train to city, meet my walking friends, as opposed to those who don't walk. I am the walk leader for today. We inspect the railway station building, designed by my great-aunt's lover. My mother, as a child remembers the arched ceiling being drawn and painted, by the architect. She often visited her aunt and saw most of the plans being drawn.

I frog march my friends past coffeehouses. We enjoy the sculptures on the Plaza and especially the Torren's crossing logs. A visit to Fred William's at the Festival Centre - the set in paintings - brilliant horizons. A walk over Adelaide's first rubbish dump (now an elegant mound behind Government House). We look at the Children in Detention exhibition. Each drawing is a reason to bring down the fences or trade our Australian Passports, in shame.

We have coffee at the museum, then to the Albert Namatjira exhibition. The best, most glowing and powerful Australian inner land landscape painting. Clear washes, sharp light, deep incisive shadows. My head so filled with them as I run to the train. Nearly missed it. A quote from the exhibition from John Brinkerdoff Jackson - cultural historian and landscape writer:

"No landscape can be comprehended unless we perceive it as an organisation of space : and ask ourselves who owns it or who was the spaces, how were they created and how they change".

"Sights and Site". I think also of Noel Counihan's crucifixion (of A.N.) linocut of the portrait. Also visited the Netsuke's - downstairs in cabinet. See drawings.

April 10
The Home etching. Have nearly got the light as I want it. I think of Vermeer, all that light rushing in. The drawing of Aidan is very difficult. The ironing gets done and food made. A good solution. The bit that is difficult is the hands and the face. All of it really. I think I will wash the windows, the real ones. This is called prevaricating around the bush. All my editioning of prints nearly done. They hang like prayer sheets from the strings.